You make my soul dance

You leave me in a trance by our Romance
Drench me in Translucent Love like a Shower
Purify my being by providing me with Strength and Power
Quench my thirst for I am your beautiful flower
Dance against my body like sapphire ocean waves
You are the very subtance my soul craves.
You surround and worship me as if my body is temple of praise.
Revitaling my mind leaving me feeling refreshed and amazed.
You saturate my kinky coils
You Sprinkle me like a plant in the earths soil.
You Soak my honey suckle melanin
you enchance the beauty of skin as it glistens.
I wish to be a river otter That way I would always be near you..... Water


  • Augustus

    Great tribute to water and extremely well written and easily readable. sensuous.


    Thanks HONEY for your lovely tribute to life sustaining water. When GOD created planet Earth he made sure there was plenty of water for man and all the flora and fauna. There are billions of gallons of fresh water (salt free) in lakes and rivers. It is purified by the water cycle and will never run out. Diving into a lake of pure clear water and swimming under it (like fish) is one of life's most sensuous experiences. Only surpassed by standing "au natural" under a waterfall. Thanks for reminding us of God's supreme gift of WATER ~ AMEN ~ Yours BRIAN (UK)

    • FruitfulSpirit

      Wow Brain you are soo deep. It was just a poem about how my my body my mind and soul loves water.Thanks

      • BRIAN & ANGELA

        Thanks HONEY I love deep water and this depth influenced my response. Thanks for stirring my mind ! Hugs BRIAN

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