I'm just all together tired of being sad

It's exhausting

I don't want to think of you anymore

I'm desperately looking for a way to forget you,

A way to move on

When my friends talk about their great loves,

I don't want to compare theirs to what we had

When I see anything related to love or heartbreak,

I don't want you on my mind

When I see a movie and they're making love,

I don't want to picture us


I could lie and say that I wish I'd never met you

wish I'd never kissed you that night,

wish I'd never fallen for your perfect personality,

but that wouldn't be true

I can't regret you

I don't regret you

You were perfect at the time

I just can't help but think of you,

wishing you the best

hoping for a drunk call or 'I miss you' text

I want you to confess your love for me

I want you to apologize over and over

I want to kiss you, SO bad

I want to get over you more though

I've realized that we're impossible

'US' will never be again

This whole missing you full time,

it's exhausting

So like I said,

I'm absolutely tired of being sad

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  • JohnThomas

    It does get exhausting, keeping up with the sadness. All things must pass, sadness is no different. Great poem. Really captures that anxiety and yearning.

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