Freedom Phrases

Days are spent,

To each, their own,

Fruits of labor,

Productive tones.


Instances arise,

Handle at best.

Dealt in the brain,

Then put to rest.


Sometimes though,

Feelings shredded.

Won’t leave the mind,

Stays imbedded.


Relief is needed,

For anger’s tested.

Keep close, composure,

Hold feelings close vested.


Then grab a pencil,

Or, pen in sight,

Those groups of words,

Set together, fight.


This kind of integrity,

Would do all some good.

Write down first on paper,

Appropriate move.


Phrases hold feelings,

Your heart and mind.

Been a practice for ages,

Of the thoughtful kind.


It’s a kind of freedom,

Not available to all.

Those from same fabric,

Will inside, stand tall.


Writers have power,

Must nurture within.

Their defenses are these,

Paper, pencil and pen.


  • Jeff

    Great write...nice job

    • WriteBeLight

      Thanks Jeff, you who are one of those very fortunate people with extraordinary writing skills. I mean that. 🙂

    • Tizermax

      This is my kind of poem, a type of reflection.

      • WriteBeLight

        So glad you like the poem. I am so happy I love writing. No matter where you are, you always have subject matter. Or, no matter how aggravated you are, you can get it out of your head and down on paper. Thanks so much for your comment!

      • Jooles

        Love this....I want to protest something through the power of words reading this!

      • notapoet

        Another great piece WBL. Have a great weekend.

        • WriteBeLight

          You Too! And thanks for the comment!

        • Philip

          I think how lucky people on this site are to be able to express their feelings as they do. I always enjoy your work. Phil.G

          • WriteBeLight

            You are so correct about the site! And, I appreciate your comment very much Phil! Thanks 🙂

          • Fay Slimm.

            Agree most wholeheartedly with these expressive lines - - a gifted writer can sink shredded feelings in outward verse and nurture the inside too. Good points raised.

            • WriteBeLight

              You especially are gifted Fay. Thanks so much for the comment 🙂

            • kevin browne

              paper, pencil and pens are mostly what us poets need. lovely poem WriteBeLight.

              • WriteBeLight

                Thanks so much you gifted poet! I appreciate your comment Kevin!

                • kevin browne

                  bless you and thank you also.

                • P.H.Rose

                  Pen and paper
                  Love and life
                  Go hand in hand!!!

                  • WriteBeLight

                    I totally agree! It is a very rewarding skill to possess as you well know! Thanks!!

                  • Christina8

                    Excellent poem WBL! It's a talent not all possess. And you certainly have the poetic ability! It's so nice to get feelings put to paper isn't it? Fabulous job! Christina

                    • WriteBeLight

                      Yes it is nice to put it down on paper. Thanks for the very nice comment. 🙂

                      • Christina8

                        You are welcome!

                      • MendedFences27

                        My humble opinion is that we write because we must. There is a certain kind of power to the written word, and somehow, those who are gifted at the use of language, can use it to ease the misery within this world, They can spread joy, excitement, sorrow, understanding, and knowledge, etc. Your poem exactly captures the joy of writing and the world of the writer, - Phil A.

                        • WriteBeLight

                          Thanks so much for your insight Phil!

                        • BRIAN & ANGELA

                          Thanks HONEY ~ When all is said and done ~ The PEN is always mightier than the SWORD ~ AMEN Thanks for sharing ~ Hugs BRIAN

                          • WriteBeLight

                            I agree Dear Brian. I am so fortunate that I have the ability to think and write in a way that helps me deal with whatever is before me. Thank God for that! Thanks again.

                          • ron parrish aka wordman

                            i enjoyed the reflections of your mind

                            • WriteBeLight

                              As I do your's Wordman. Thanks a lot!

                            • Quemis

                              Clicked on your latest piece because I had been quiet of late.

                              Was surprised to find my favorite of all your pieces I have read. (which is more than you would think.)

                              ; )


                            • Quemis

                              Clicked on your latest piece because I had been quiet of late.

                              Was surprised to find my favorite of all your pieces I have read. (which is more than you would think.)

                              ; )


                            • Quemis

                              Thats weird, I wrote alot more than that.


                              I am drunk however and cant remember all of what I wrote, other than someone is lucky to have you as a wife/friend/mother/aunt and that your awesome! keep on keeping on.

                              • WriteBeLight

                                I toast you for that comment. So very sweet of you! Thank you so very much! You made my year 🙂

                              • Seeker

                                In the end what I write is really all there is to me. You stated this same thing very well indeed. Bravo!!

                                • WriteBeLight

                                  Thanks so very much Seeker!

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