A Touch


Minds touch and

Borrow thoughts,

Thirsting for the ill

Of those love lost.


Searching for truth

In relationships.

Finding pain

On another's lips.



Playing games,

Seeking cerebrums

Perchance to tame.


Conscious thoughts,

Steered by hearts,

Can be brought

To comfort.


Within, and

With a Friend.


(To be continued, see Another Touch)




Augustus / Redlands, CA / Summer 1987


  • WriteBeLight

    Wonderful Augustus. Look forward to the next entry.

    • Augustus

      I took the old one and changed it some. Thanks for reading


      Thanks for sharing "A" ~ We can touch each other in all sorts of ways and ~ as it is Valentines Week ~ we all love a sensuous / romantic touch ! A cerebral touch is a very interesting concept and its use has greatly increased with Poetic sites in cyberland ! However When I'm walking my Baby back home ~ hand in hand ~ we often share our thoughts cerebrally. Looking forward to Another Touch ~ tomorrow ! Thanks for sharing ~ BRIAN

      • Augustus

        Yes we reach out with our minds.

      • Christina8

        This is an amazing poem, Augustus! Looking forward to "another touch"!

        • Augustus

          You are too kind.

        • MendedFences27

          '87, C'mon it was only 30 years ago. Where does the time go, when you're having fun?
          I swear, people in a relationship, can sometimes read each other's mind. My wife and I do it a lot. She'll answer my question before I've asked it. So, maybe , "minds touch." Lovely poem, waiting for the sequel. - Phil A.

          • Augustus

            Love the enthusiastic comment.

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