Smoky Eyes

Born to Be Free

Born to be Free
I llove the long roads that opened up b4 me
My windows are down
As the breeze blew my hair around
Song blasting from my radio
As my car raced down the wide open road
Not a soul in sight, but wild daffodils and
butterflies scampering around
Blue over head skies all around me
As my hair whips around my face
And the sunlit sky streaked across above
With its warmth and the sun caressing my
golden brown skin
And all that I could think about as the music blast from my car is that this is some life
free and wild, with no deadlines, no trepidation
Just me, four wheels, metal, sun and sky
And that is what I call life, to enjoy, to live and to be free, as hot as the burning sun, breeze whirling through my hair and me and the power of just being free!

F R E E D O M ~ An Acrostic ~ BRIANODES
FREEDOM ~ I was "Born to be Free" ! The
REASON is I was born in Great Britain ~ in
ENGLAND to be precise ~ Land of the Free ~ An
DAMAGED ~ by righteous involvement in two World Wars !
O FOR the Wings ~ For the Wings of a Dove ~ for Freedom ?
MY FRIEND I do not need them ~ I was born an ENGLISHMAN !

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