Christmas = chunkiness.....the continuing story

Notice of absence from Jooles
I disappear for months on end......just my life but I always come back!

Christmas is over and the goose has gotten fat 

Should really go on a diet but who can be arsed with that 

Chocolate is so tempting while crisps are just a blessing 

Oh god dont get me started on second dessert helpings! 


I should head out to the gym or a fashionable spin fit class 

Lifting all those weights become a real life bad ass 

But the tv's at its best tonight.......I really shouldn't move 

So to hell with it. . . . the fat it stays....I've a full year to improve!!!




    Lovely POEM ~ JOOLES ~ You are a blessing to MPS. I love it and will heed ~ Men are figure conscious as well !. It's the end of February already soon it will be Beach Boy & Bikini Babe time ! Weight Loss Procrastination is the thief of a Holiday Romance ! Hugs BRIAN

  • Jooles

    Lol thank you both for the ... personally...trying to find my motivation. ...think I lost it in a bag of crisps

  • Jooles


  • WriteBeLight

    HA HA that is great!

    • Jooles

      😅😅😅😅 thr Christmas truth

    • ron parrish aka wordman

      lol,i think maybe we all feel like this

      • Jooles

        Lol sadly I still feel like this in June!

      • Augustus

        Extra helpings is what gets to me. Thanks for a fun piece.

      • Jooles

        Thank you

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