Becoming Other.

Fay Slimm.


Becoming Other.


I have woken in many a dawn
and with first light I have flown from my window
of "Self" to become another,
a robin or fawn or fox trotting home.
Oh and sometimes my skin has felt like the rose
prizing petal from bud-cell       
then in adopting fuzz of a bee nosing for
pollen have for a moment been sodden in gold.

My delight in oneness with else
means passion for asking, in which world laps
over world at the drop of a hat,
for I believe when questioned that nature
is willing its hidden gems to reveal.
Once or twice I have even achieved levels of part
transformation the kind that
makes hair stand on end as handling dimension
of miniscule life takes me
into the mind-fields of different hearts.

Experience of such when I have drawn nearer
gives an awareness of the trials
and and challenge those souls undergo
and I see with awe the patient
forbearance of silent survival by powered 
intent then bow my head, for
in reaching for "other" and losing my "I" case

for pride decreases as life teaches

humility's light to a close observer of nature. 

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  • Published: February 19th, 2017 11:47
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    FAY ~ Consider the Lilies of the field how they grow ~ they sow not neither do they reap ~ but I say unto you that even SOLOMON in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these ! ~ The closer to nature we get ~ the more we can learn about ourselves and the Wonderful World we are privileged to inhabit ! Great thoughts for Sunday FAY ~ thanks for caring and sharing ~ B

  • MendedFences27

    Nature, in all its glory, can and does inspire. We become a bee, a fox, a tree for that matter, and it flows from pen to paper. Nature drags us to the realization of our place on this Earth. Egos are drained and "I" seems irrelevant. Could we stand on a mountaintop and proclaim our own importance? Very insightful, very well drawn images, beautiful poem. - Phil A.

  • Jooles


  • Augustus

    The understanding, appreciation and respect for "other" has never been so well said.

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