Love is the only medicine for my broken heart,
Listen, you and I both know we can NEVER be apart,
I love you with all my fart.

Ay, The Love bug, Or is't the love drug?
Doth we needeth medicine, or thy spray for bugs?
Thither is nay cure I'm afraid, I've been thither, and I'm addicted,
Yet I realize yond, I am not the only one thusly afflicted.
At which hour the love bug dost bite, It leaves bliss nay meds can cure,
Prithee doth not asketh me wherefore, because of this I'm curiously unsure.
Yet, I seek nay cure, I seek nay remedy, For love is an affliction,
An affliction to which I hast a most did desire addiction!

LOVE is in the air ~ can't escape it's everywhere
ONE DAY I fall in love with you next a lovely Girl in Blue
VERY difficult to choose between the Reds & Blues and Green
EVERY DAY love's all around must keep my feet firm on the ground !

Doth feel like Spring, a tyme of rebirth a tyme of love,
In this, humans art able to imitate our God on heights, above,
This the most wondrous gift we cherish above all others we be given,
Love is writ in countless worketh throughout the ages livin.
Tis but real, Love breathes, All quest for its many charms, ,
Ye, but whom can intermit their lover's warm waiting arms?
Ay, hark for love's soft clepe, and nere' hesitate,
For love wilt beest thither for thee, Its wonders waiting at yon gate.

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