House Of Sin



A grand old mansion on a hill
The stately manor stands there still
In the darkness of the night
Throughout the window came a light
On the veranda I did creep
To glowing window for a peek
To filthy pane I pressed my face
To peer beyond the curtain lace
Around the great room my eyes did roam
The king of sinners on his throne
All his minions and demons there
Dancing at this banquet fair
Oh the horror there I spied
In this place where goodness died
In my fright I turned to leave
But felt a hand upon my sleeve
Oh the touch was dead and cold
I shuttered to my very soul
The breath of death was on my face
I could not leave this evil place
My lord he said invites you in
Ah…welcome to the house of sin
Enter through the one way door
For you may leave here…. “nevermore!”

His icy grip upon my sleeve
I wanted to, but could not leave
My life was over, I knew for sure
As we entered through the one way door
The stench was foul, the smell of death
I couldn’t breathe I held my breath
The minions laughed the demons wailed
I tried to break his grip, but failed
He threw me to the filthy floor
Covered in a bloody gore
They pulled and poked and taunted me
All my sins were there, to see
The prince of darkness sat on his throne
Made of angel hair and human bone
With empty eyes and heart of stone
He spoke in tongues and evil tones
This is but the price, you must pay
For living in your sinful way
There is no ending once we begin
Ah’ welcome to the house of sin!

He rose on high up off his throne
His evil eyes, pierced my bone
Rise up sinner, off your knees
He said, ignoring all my pleads
Here is the place where you will dwell
He showed me now, the gates of hell
A demon flung the basement door
An inferno was the basement floor
The heat so hot, the smoke did rise
It stole my breath and burned my eyes
I heard the crying of the lonely
Of all the sinners and lost souls moaning
Swimming in a molten sea
They screamed and swore, and reached for me
The demons laughed and minions danced
The prince of darkness did advance
All your life, I spoke to you
Too make your heart and soul untrue
But it was you that let the evil in
Ah’ welcome to the house sin!

The Evil One; motioned me to speak
You sicken me you are so weak
I wept and couldn’t find by voice
But it was true I had, had a choice
The free will God had given me
Was thrown away on vanity
The howling demons groped at me
This place was without sympathy
They took me to the basement stair
Into the eternal fire I did stare
I prayed to God that I, could be forgiven
For the sinful life I had been living
It’s to late the devil laughed
Your time for redemption has surely passed
I shall have my minions throw you in the hole
You’ll rot in hell I’ll burn your soul
There’s simply nothing you can do
And to think I just left it up to you
Open the door and fools walk in
Ah’ welcome to the house of sin!



I struggled at the basement flight
And prayed to God with all my might
The demons wailed when I spoke his name
I begged for mercy in all my shame
Jesus please rescue me, from this shame and agony
Father, I beseech you, send your love
From your kingdom high above
My prayers, were answered, the angels came
To my defense, in the Father’s name
The minions fled the demons wailed
The Prince of Darkness would not prevail
When the Archangel spoke his name
That was when the Savior came
I command you now… back to hell!
The only place, where you shall dwell
There was a flash and then a roar
A rumbling up through the basement floor
All went black I lost my sight
Suddenly then came the light
The house was empty and covered with dust
I will change my ways, I must, I must
With a change of heart I went out the door
The house of sin is never more!






  • Michael Edwards

    This held for every word - what a great write Willy

    • willyweed

      yes and the moral new never show your best work first ? at least for when it comes what should I post first? try to get a least comment your not even close to your best attempt at writing like your poetic hero Eagar Allen Poe ? ever a comment like nice try but I must say you are no EAP! could have inspired me to write another poem and another attempt to be a Robert frost type poet? h=u said much in your short comments I just hope you mean every word you didn't say ?

      • Michael Edwards

        Yup every word said AND unsaid - this is a belter as we say in the UK

      • The lonely poet

        Very impressed good read

      • Somerica

        This is powerful writing I must say. Well done.

        • willyweed

          I truly appreciated that from my young and very poetic and very talented
          also new apply' s here as well young writer friend! true is true and am a peaceful man And would never burden myself with a lie at this stage of my life! so to you ! I say say calm and write on even bad mistakes fade away with time and so will he er sorry so will this one! This great nations make some big boo boo over shady history

          • willyweed

            Ps thanks for ranking of favorite poem

          • Augustus

            Riveting, suspenseful, classic, easily readable with a nice rhyme. Loved it!

            • willyweed

              I wrote this before I meet you O elite poet friend of mine to imitate is greatest flattery of all and here I try my best effort to salute my poetic hero Edgar Allen Poe, Mister. only reader can decide but you gave a good comment about poem saying you loved it I was hoping reader would make comment about my effort to imitate one of the poets elite of his and our times I know I dii a good job imitating his rumored madness with short fit of sanity, for that good job I did almost took my life if I were not a warrior and did not fight back like I did I know now It would have killed my will to live to live this life but for true love found in love of my live and my true loving family lovers of me all As king of my castle and father true of four would never even think to abuse girls or true for lust or any reason of self satisfaction! ever! never! I would gladly Die First! period I made that decision first I look at 2 born twins girl I was born to protect then both Crystal blue Eyes Big and true! And Rikki our last girl named used by Dutch I am Irish but born a proud American USMC And have helped the ememy die for there country since 1968! and dutch for named for my dad with closest name for female Richard ever found since she was born! all true and also weeping now as a proud dad so yes I gain strength each day over my emotional state for if a man would it would be now my children and grand children are the reason I almost died in hell and I open the gated of hell a marine almost scared stiff but had to move and laught at myself And convince sentries I was harm less but was really there to confuse them first to kill both with high power rounds and blasted bodies through the gates of hell no human could touch so toxic with to touch is to poison one self to death with lead poison gates made of liquid molten still flaming lead and very hot even 10 feet away heat will burn human flesh blisters still here on skin 2 months our time hell and heaven time over two years ago I just came home 2 weeks ago after a month of being crazy in Va hospital just for telling truth so know and others over look pass truth can cause pain others do better when is never spoken a still others will kill before you can tell truth for some it is just safter to live with a pack of live? this is the world will live in thank you my best poet friend and your friend to end and then in great beyond still your friend! ww aka Richard!

            • Christina8

              Impressive poem, ww! Powerful from beginning to end.

            • willyweed

              I have been To heaven but never tried to kill my self I too have walked through the valley of of death 3 times once in Vietnam where war once raged but peace for the moment reins now
              once in the wars between good and evil or some call it the war between heaven and hell
              first time I killed many demons the army from the dark side a just low rank commander leading only a squard of 15 very brave natural born killers of demons and once as hand picked commander of invasion force all good men to invade angels and humans I command angel and humans a mixed squared hand by me for the combats nerves of steel both in wars of good V evil War monger wars here on our blue planet incited for by and for love money before GOD! I love life I have for good humans beings a found true love an now for =7 grand kids 16 to 4 yrs all who all know what over looking one and accept ing one lie can do+ a lot of bad shit walks throught the gap

            • WriteBeLight

              Very excellent WW. Great advice as well. Scary and exciting and rewarding at the end.

            • Augustus

              To tell the truth it has been a long time since I read Poe. But your comment makes me want to revisit him. I generally keep my responses short. Partly because I am writing on an iPad with the key board on the screen. Fingers don't fly like on a desktop keyboard. I was flattered by the lengthy reply you wrote, and the "elite poet friend" is over the top. Sounds like you have suffered from PTSD. Glad the VA was able to help you. I don't know where you live but I have heard there some good programs in Texas for vets. I was lucky to spend Nam state side. Warm regards.

              • willyweed

                I am lucky you did serve for you could go and Istay state side. we cannot say? we j just say aye aye Sir yes sir for we must obey lawful orders or MP's come take us away! we no big generals we just care we say we go but no not were? you hero too youjoin USAF when you know not where you
                send but you would go go go! Ilucky man too you me elite friends thank you me brothers !! for all and any help you send! ww

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