Pain In The Glass

What can appear lovely,

So very wintry,

Is not at all kind,

To my car’s windshield.


Been really lucky,

So far, it's clear.

Not too stormy,

The Northeast this year.


Don’t get me wrong,

Not great, I know.

Still certain that,

A chance of snow.


The icy white stuff,

Stuck on the trees,

The wires, too,

Unpleasant tease.


It doesn’t matter,

If there’s wind.

Pummels my windshield,

There’s just no end.


Driving slow,

Or, driving fast.

It’s doesn’t help.

Pain in the glass!


I’ve got insurance,

A hefty price.

Might raise my rates,

That’s just not nice.


Now, here it comes,

Big whitish blob.

Hits my windshield,

I’m going to sob.


Windows closed,

No snow comes in.

Oh, that crash!

Jump out of skin.


Pull off the road,

Damage, check out.

I see a scratch,

I start of pout.


Get back inside.

Drive on to work.

Oh well, bright side,

Not rocks and dirt.


  • Jeff

    Lol...good one. Great write

  • willyweed

    I love your sense of humor!
    this poem is Great"
    Are you from Yuma AR?
    are you available for date?
    And the title LOL
    Oh now I just can not wait! ogreat one this is sooo funny!

    • WriteBeLight

      Thanks for the comment WW. Answers: No, not as of this moment, and thanks! Ha Ha 🙂

    • Tizermax

      Oh, the joys of winter. It is beautifle though. Great read.

    • MendedFences27

      I've lived in the Northeast for 73 years and I love it here. Where else can you get 4 very profound seasons, and still have access to the sea, mountains, forests, large lakes, streams and rivers. It's a virtual Paradise Add in all of the history about, and it can please your brain as well. As for this winter. Eh, kind of mediocre so far. Your poem hits on all cylinders, of the beauty and the danger, and the aggravation. Loved it.- Phil A.

      • WriteBeLight

        Thanks Phil. I know you can relate. I appreciate it!

      • Michael Edwards

        Even here in the UK I can relate to this although so far this winter there's been no snow at all where I live.

        • WriteBeLight

          We are supposed to have a great week, although today is cold. Temperatures are to go up to the 60's (degrees). Thanks for reading the poem Michael!

        • Christina8

          I love your poem. Can't stand driving in the snow if I don't have to! The weather coming looks lovely and then some snow which won't stick. Looks like spring is coming! 🙂

          • WriteBeLight

            Thanks Christina! Yes, tomorrow is to be great, I heard. 🙂

          • P.H.Rose

            Great poem WBL
            Where I am on the
            east coast in England
            We don't get a lot
            Of the white stuff
            Mind you not a lot
            Of the hot stuff either

            • WriteBeLight

              Yes. I suspect a lot of fog and drizzle, too. We get that and it can really chill you to your bones. Thanks P.H.!

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