The House At The End Of The Street

There was a house at the end of my street

No-one lived there for very long

During the war, an entire family wiped out

When an aeroplane dropped a bomb


The family living there at the time

Amounted to unlucky thirteen

Mother, father, baby Mary

And ten children in between


They were a lovely family

Liked by everyone

Janet Smithson who was a nurse

And her hard-working husband John


They were in the front room having tea

On that fateful day

When an aeroplane scored a direct hit

And God took them all away


The whole town was in mourning

For the Smithson family

Mother, father and eleven children

The youngest baby Mary who was three


What was left of the house was boarded up

Then the tenants would move in

Off would come the boards

The walls they were so thin


We'd hear their every movement

If they slammed a door, the walls would shake

Wild parties held by young teenagers

Would keep us all awake


A tenant would live there for a couple of months

Then they’d go on their way

We'd ask them why they were moving out

But none of them would say


This went on for many years

Tenants would come and go

I asked the landlord what was wrong

He said that he didn't know


One day I plucked up the courage

To question a tenant as they were about to leave

She said “I’m almost scared to tell you

I’ve never been one to believe


But there is something supernatural

Going on in the hall

When everything is quiet

We can hear screaming coming from the wall”


She said she'd looked on the internet

In the local branch library

And read up on the house's history

And the sad fate of the Smithson family


After years of squatters and standing empty

The house it was pulled down

But what happened to the Smithson’s

Is still remembered in my home town


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