The Poem of Murder In the First Degree

Parked in a red '57 'Vette in the Ozarks

static comes on over the radio,

with a deep drag off the cigar I lifted from the ashtray

I watch her; as her body sits next too me in solitary.


Pulling her from the car;

I began to drag her towards the lantern light suspended in the Oak tree

black silk noose hanging from her neck

I grabbed a chair from the trunk;

sat and watched the tranquil scene of her hanging high.


Heavy hits of the cigar, the smoke is all that remains alive

her hands ran red with tracks of blood

the injection of sin gave for a great high,

I reach out to catch the drops.

Hell will come; the day I sympathize for shooting that bad bitch down.















  • willyweed

    smooth as butter Mister Death and a little sexy too, now I 'm embarrassed ?
    early one morning with time to kill..... nice one ww

  • AtheistAngel- Daniel Mc\'leod

    You painted the scene so masterfully it was as if i was standing there in the shadows watching it all. Definetly one of my favorites.

    • Lovett4166

      Comments like yours is what keeps a writer writing.

    • Goldfinch60

      Good dark write, I can hear Johnny Cash in the distance.

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