An Apple For The Teacher


Dear teacher,

On your desk

Are gifts,

no less


Than candy,



From the neat.


I offer,

I tempt,

Left–  something,

Something different.


Part of me,

Painfully neat,

Plain to see

From me to thee.


What part do you wish?

Which art do you see?

Envisage quest.

Be my guest.


My gift to you

Hereto unfold,

A careful look

Into my soul.


Mind your own

To keep.

As mine is known

to creep

and clutch

The pure in heart.


Angel wings

Flap, flutter, fall,

Fill my hall

Of mastery.


Even as you read,

Write my web has sprung.

Your spirit is won!

One with mine.



We fall

Toward the fiery hall

Of your destiny.


Go ahead, Conscience.

Struggle! Scream!

Little use.

I am supreme.


You taught me,



Now sinner.





Augustus/ Redlands, CA / March 25, 1988


  • Reivax Camlost

    I hesitate to contemplate what I believe the message is here...

  • Augustus

    Thanks, written years ago. Simply creepy, strange, product of a sick mind. Thanks again.

  • rrodriguez

    Well done Augustus... your poem is whimsical and fun...

    • Augustus

      Thanks for seein the humor in it.

    • Augustus

    • willyweed

      sound just like the note I left my Drill Instructor ( he was rotten to the core as well) when I slipped out one night to swim with the man eating sharks on Parris Island once but that was long ago so maybe its just something I made up just to go AWOL? anyway the apple was missing upon my return I do remember that part be cause I felt hungry when I got back plus I was wet? good story thought? nice on WW

      • Augustus

        Thanks for the tale. ww. Take care.

      • WriteBeLight

        To me it speaks volumes about the impression a teacher makes on a student. The power they have over the children they teach.

        • Augustus

          Yes you are right, teachers, doctors, presidents any one in authority can abuse that power. Thanks for the comment

        • Goldfinch60

          Good write, there are many sinners in the teaching profession.

        • Augustus

          I wish that would stick to basics. Thanks.

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