The lonely poet

My parents

My mother and farther  have helped  me  through  thick  and  thin  for the  things  I've  done  most  parents  would have  thrown  their  kids away  like rubbish  into a bin, 

But not  my  parents  to me there the best over the  years I've really put their wills to the test,  before I just threw the help back in their face and wanted to get away to some other pleace to escape and get them off my case and me off my face.  

But now I've been  locked up its made  me  see  sense I've  opened  up my heart  to them I've  slowly destroyed  and  broken down the fence.

Now I love them more and more each day it's a shame we've  missed the part of my life where  we could  have gone to the park and played.

Oh well as they say that's all in the past so let's try to enjoy the future   before  it goes by to fast


The lonely  poet  


  • Augustus

    Lots of self realization. Nice.

    • The lonely poet

      Thank u very much for your comment it's nice to know I'm being read

    • willyweed

      don't we all go to the youth house as kids? I know we did. good work you have been working it out and it will keep coming as long as you write on? ww nice work here

      • The lonely poet

        Thank you for following my work I appreciate your comments

        • The lonely poet

          I shall continue to write until my mind stops and found no way of doing that yet so should keep coming regular thank you

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        • Goldfinch60

          Good write, realisation of how good parents are sometimes takes time.

        • Elbeanzio

          Love it... keep up the good reads...

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