Some Sweet Day

Deep in this warped life I see,
The shell of a woman who once was me.

Where did she leave my sane mind?
It has gone somewhere I can not find.

My heart broken so deep it bled out.
Feelings so numb I'm feeling self doubt.

I let myself get too wrapped up in him.
I'm frightened to be open to anyone again.

I see his face when I close my eyes.
Feel our passion, question the lies.

I was caught by surprise when truth shined.
Reeling in the fact that my love was blind.

He is a player and treats women the same.
Tells us all we are his, wraps us in his game.

It hurts to know I'm not special in his soul.
His love poor reality has left a huge hole.

I'm ready to let my self begin to heal.
Yet in my deepest parts it is him I feel.

Some sweet day I will be free of his spell.
The day when I'm no longer locked in his hell.

Sane and free, confidence mine again.
Real, honest love, no longer his, I win!

Feb 25, 2017 by Becky Jo Gibson © all rights reserved




  • Goldfinch60

    Very good emotive write. Yes the day will come when you will meet that special person and your lives will go on together forever.

    • BeckyJo

      I have faith! Thanks for your kind words!

    • P.H.Rose

      My very first thought...
      How can this only have one
      Comment..... it's
      Brilliant.. I absolutely
      Love it.... really great
      Work.... a fav of mine
      Now !!!!

      • BeckyJo


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