The lonely poet


Broken hopes broken  dreams  broken  wishes  broken  seams  it's  all  happening  so  quick  I feel I can't breathe.

Love turns  to hate, hate turns to love it's  all mixed emotions  have we really  had enough.

For something that has been for so long and we thought  was so strong could  it really be gone it feels so wrong.

If it is the way she really feels  then there's nothing  I can do for her heart has gone elsewhere  it's no longer mine to steal.

I feel  so awful  and sad if that's how it must be but my love will always be here waiting   silently . .

The  lonely  poet  


  • willyweed

    my heart is sad for you brother, but if those are your children you are a lucky man don't destroy them as you have been. it seems your wife/lady has flown the coop fed the chicks and wait true love may yet arrive, you can be strong and must be, maybe her love was not meant to be but those kids its obvious love their dad. Peace and love for you Daddy? Hope and strength 4U WW

    • The lonely poet

      Thank u that means a lot rite now I'm sat on my own writing but the pages keep running X

      • willyweed

        my head shop is open 24/7 for you brother if you need to talk it out or screem & shout!

      • Tony36

        Well written and expressed

      • The lonely poet

        I really didn't think I would be able to write it to be honest but it's all I can do to stop myself losing my mind

      • Goldfinch60

        Very good emotive write, you must stay strong.

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