deliquescing into nature
i am engulfed in stillness

i encounter a deer as i round a corner
its chestnut eyes intensely sense
something wild within me
we meld palpably
whispering our essence

myopic views warp into acute focus
golden flowers stretch and arch
and yawning into the sun
swell with bursts of luster
whilst violets polka dot the path
with lilac luminescence

dead tree trunks
mutating into masterpieces
yearn for new life
drawing in the squirrels

yellow-bellied birds
sensing my motions
whilst woodland winds undulate
pine scented waves of sea salt oceans

my ears enchantingly enhanced
by bristling leaves caressing trees
as scintillating amber butterflies
dance in synch
with the clock tower’s
ancient chiming

a gust of wind
catches a patch of sand
and sends it quivering
fusing high in summer air
then falling soft as feathers

hidden fairies prance about
answering unheard questions
problems dissolve in emerald meadows
without a hint of striving

essays write themselves
upon my mind
poetry flows through me
wings of meadowlarks
trace my face with nuances
interlaced with connotations

rushing home
i write it down
then bowing i take credit
for what was etched upon my soul
by a sunbeam in the forest



  • P.H.Rose

    Nice work Jane...
    I love the line ..
    "Dead tree trunks
    Mutating into masterpieces"
    I often walk in a forest
    Near where I live, the different
    Shapes of some of the trees
    Are absolutely amazing,
    There is one particular one
    That looks like arms crossed
    Nature can be fantastic sometimes

    • janetaylor

      Thank you so much! Nature is the best artist!

    • willyweed

      a natural tale of nature abounds is this beauty Jane I felt like I was running along side wonderful work spot on nature piece! Bravo!!! ww

      • janetaylor

        aww thank you so much! you totally made my day! :0)

        • willyweed

          true is true Jane just saying! ww

        • WriteBeLight

          You caught the experience so perfectly Jane. Lovely photo as well.

          • janetaylor

            thank you so much! i really appreciate your feedback :0)

          • Augustus

            Each phrase is alluring and transfixing. The words flow like a brook of sweet water down an easy grade. Simply beautiful.

            • janetaylor

              Wow your comment is poetry itself Augustus! Thank you so much :0)

            • ron parrish aka wordman

              there is a special feeling when you are one with nature,it puts you in a aww mood,lovely write

              • janetaylor

                thanks so much ron! :0)

              • Pintu Mahakul

                I am completely engulfed in stillness reading such a beautiful poem here. My motion and emotions are sensing more. Problems dissolve in emerald meadows really. A great expression and a nice imagery is drawn here.

              • Suresh

                Nature is our teacher
                It makes each one a preacher
                Your poem made it a feature
                To admire, by man, the creature

                Extremely well written

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