The Gateway

Look into my eyes, Janus is the key and he will open the gateway.

There is no guide, no spirit to show you which turn to take.

Only a paradigm shift for your senses.
For the soul, my soul can not be reached effortlessly.
If you look upon it, you will find a heterogeneous assembly of memories, feelings and emotions.

Establishing a blueprint for what...


Does this journey truly take you to the centre of who i am?

My demons are frightening, they will consume you without hesitation.

Can you even truly reach me without them?

This labyrinth inside me is a design not of my own.

For it is the construct of my soul to keep my demons at bay.

Inside this conundrum I look at you in the mirror and wait for you to find me.



    WELCOME TAMZIN ~ Demons and all ! Thanks for sharing your first poem and yourself ! You will find that MPS is a great site and we are all very empathetic ! The way the site work is: If you comment on other peoples POEMS ~ they will generally comment on yours ~ Today mine is about An OCTOPUS ! Please visit ! Your poem is a challenge but we need a few more to really discover the inner YOU ! You live ina great Country ! I've only been to Sydney but I like Australians and all those I have worked with have been real nice ~ Thanks for sharing BRIAN (UK)

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