What would the night be without stars,

               as if they all died one by one?

Climbing higher what would men reach for?

What would dreamers wish upon?

And want of sky stories, space scrutiny

                and Greek Mythology?

Sailors forever lost at sea.

What would become of heaven as we know it?

Souls without a light to guide them.

Would my heart still beat in the dark?



Augustus / Folsom LA / February 2017


  • Hopey_xx

    Beautifully written- well done

    • Augustus

      Thanks Hopey. With you we may not need stars.

    • willyweed

      I hope that never happens sounds scary. But you did it well. love the picture of nothing I knew it was going to be scary when I saw that nothing there Whoa! dude good work! ww

    • SorrowfullyHappy

      Beautiful and it makes you think keep up the good work

      • Augustus

        Thanks for the encouragement.

      • Michael Edwards

        Quite scary but loved the poem

        • Augustus

          I have a brighter one about stars in the next day or so. Thanks.

        • TomLovesey

          This is a wonderful poem

          • Augustus

            Thanks for wondering with me.

          • WriteBeLight

            Awesome are the stars on a dark Summer night. That is what I feel. I do enjoy seeing the Winter night starry sky as well. Nice subject matter Augustus!

            • Augustus

              Sorry about the morose subject. More positive star poem coming. Still grinning about that potted dog. Thanks.

            • P.X. Vexxus

              I've often wondered about what would happen if the sun were to go out, never to rise. Or should the moon fall out of orbit and leave us to wander in the dark at night. It's amazing how things beyond our control, are the most enticing to understand. The mysteries of space, and the earth are endless. Thanks for a thought provoking piece. P.S. I plan on being on the site more often now, so I look forward to some more of your writes, just as you have always read mine 🙂

              • Augustus

                Thanks for the thoughtful comment. Look forward to more of your poetry.

              • MendedFences27

                No stars? Scary thought. What would happen? Absolute chaos. And I think we all die. But you bring up some great philosophical quandaries that would occur. No universe, no sun, or moon, I think we'd all go nuts. - Phil A.

                • Augustus

                  Yes, strange indeed. And like you suggest not compatible with life. Would have to ask a physics scientist about that one. Today's is more positive about the stars. (Today's poem)

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