The lonely poet


How I long for a normal  life  right  now  it seems like it's melting  like butter under a hot knife.

So far I think it's been a little bit sad NAH fuck it right now it's a state, its a bad mess my hearts got no more  pieces  to break 

I'd like  to  think that  things  will look up, but how can it wen up looks like down as a smile in reverse  turns into a frown.

My head is a daze a labyrinth an endless maze I feel like I'm going round in circles  sending my life into a craze.

I wish things would change I really do but I can't  see it happen  hate and spite us both it runs through , like poison  in a vain destroying every  drop of blood .

There goes  another  water drop on the paper it's smudging  it all, I can't stand these tears  and the way they don't cease to fall,

I hope never again  I feel like this at all for my sanity  and life will pay for it all


  • Augustus

    Helps to write about it.

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