Damaged Soul


My love and my best friend,
No one can’t see the tears nor
The utter futility stemming from my loss,
The aging brought on by a deeply pained faced,
so as far as laughter is concerned, it's easier said than done!
Your laughter, my laughter … I’ll want to hear them again,
Your smile, my smile … I’ll want to behold, even for a second;
Because when the joy is removed from one's life,
Then there’s no joy in living, loneliness walks with me.
I don't wish a second chance, second chances cannot fix
what has been taken from me, thus
When my life is in danger I can live with that,
But when the life of the one more precious to you
than your own is lost, it’s a quite different story.
My love and my best friend,
I live in the world of memories ...
You fill my days, my nights, my dreams,
You’re all that’s occupying my mind.
Now I'm left in pain, in sadness, and emptiness;
The pain I must face, will never leave my life
For you’re a loss I can’t replace.
In this world, the rain will fall & shed many tears of pain
The sun will shine without strength, and my life will just exist
Because my whole world is upside down, but someday, I know,
Once again, together we will be …
For when my time on earth is done, you’ll wait for me
And our eternal love once again resumed, we’ll walk,
Together, in God's presence for eternity.


  • Author: rrodriguez (Offline Offline)
  • Published: March 5th, 2017 11:12
  • Comment from author about the poem: This poem was born out of a conversation between two friends on MPS. I was captivated by the words and I felt an urged to put it in poetic form. It has a sad tone, but we must realize that sadness is part of the human soul. Sadness is another way to deal with our reality. So please read it slowly and understand that sadness is an expression of a hurting heart looking to be soothed.
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  • Goldfinch60

    Good emotion laden write.

  • willyweed

    well said I hope it helps our heavy hearted friend, sincerely!

  • poetboy5454

    Wow this was incredibly thoughtful of you. I wish you the best, as well as our friend.

    • rrodriguez

      Thank you for your kind words and the encouragement.

    • MendedFences27

      Sad indeed. Well expressed by you. Perhaps it will aide your friend in coping with his life. I certainly hope he is able to gain some balance and find meaning. You've presented his situation with great care and dignity. - Phil A.

      • rrodriguez

        Thank you Phil. I wrote with my heart present as I wrote. Thank you!

      • Augustus

        Great tribute.

        • rrodriguez

          Thank you Augustus.

        • WriteBeLight

          Wonderful words rrodriguez. Such a lovely piece of writing you have written for him. Great work!

        • niallprideaux

          brilliantly expressed, i wondered what happened. whatever's happened i hope he's finding peace and coping.

          • rrodriguez

            Thank you for reading my poem. I wrote it for a friend in MPS to help him cope with his lost.

            • niallprideaux

              yeah, he told me too. hope he's okay 🙂

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