Exposure to the darkness of my own room. 

My skin cowers from the cold breeze 

And runs away from the emptiness of the bed. 

Body aching as I lay my head onto the rose petals. 


After all I've done for you. 

The many a time it's all slipped your mind 

But today? Of all days to remain oblivious. 

Why choose now? When I've prepared so thoughtfully. 


So where are you?

Why am I alone tonight instead of in your arms 

Where you say I'm supposed to be. 

A million times you've told that's where I belong. 


There's only one glass being drank out of. 

Of the two seats at the table only one plate 

Felt the comfort of a knife and fork. 

Before I too, disappeared. 


I wish that you could feel this feeling. 

I've never broken a single promise to you

But all you ever do is lie and slice into me. 

All you've ever done is wrap me around your little tentacle. 


Sometimes I want to go out like you. 

Flirt all day long, bring whomever home 

And Fuck them without knowing their letters. 

I wish I could just walk without a care in the world. 


But I'd never do that. 

I know that we all deserve better 

So there is no point in pretending that you're proud. 

Just because your a man- Your success is not measured by women!


So I'll look at myself. 

I'll remember that you are not the man of my dreams 

And I'm fine with that. 

I'd be pretty disappointed by the world if you were. 



  • Augustus

    The poem read nicely. Sensed the frustration.

  • Goldfinch60

    Good write. You must move on, the right one for you is out there.

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