"Paragraphs of Life"


As I sit here in this classroom, writing all of my thoughts down,
I take a stroll down memory lane, thinking "how's my life now?",
Came a long way from where I started, was once lost but I'm found now,
I couldn't dance to them old tunes, got a new groove with a new sound

My life changed at age nine, in North Philly, those were bad days,
I remember when I barely had friends, used to fight a lot and get bad grades,
Mom and Dad had enough of it, couldn't stay there, so we got away,
It was springtime of '06 when we moved out to West Oak Lane

I was taken out of public school, they thought that Catholic school was a better fit,
It was fifth grade when I rose up, saw my life turn around really quick,
Got my grades up, made the honor roll, I even had a couple scholarships,
I had more friends and more discipline, I was happy now with this new shift

Time passed and we felt at home, both at our house and at our church,
We're full members of one body that loves God, no more need to search,
If I said "church didn't change my life", then I'd be lying right in this verse,
Cuz truth is I've gotten many blessings, so I can never say that I've been cursed

Dad made me go to church every Sunday, and honestly I didn't like it,
But over time it stuck to me, so then every week I would get excited,
Was it because it was safe to go, where I know my demons wouldn't be invited,
Or because my church fam held me down, so I was never misguided

At age fourteen my life sped up, now it's going faster than express trains,
Middle school was a great chapter, now it's time to flip to a new page,
New people, new environment, high school was a new pace,
Even back at church was a new stage, found new connections and new fame

Teenage life was kinda crazy, I learned a lot in those four years,
Freshman year you could have a whole clique, but by senior year have 1 peer,
A lot of girls were really picky, got no play without fly gear,
But I knew that I was a different guy, my heart big and my vision clear

I changed a lot after high school, so now I'm doing this college stuff,
My first year was a rollercoaster, some times were good and some times were rough,
My second year was pretty fun, but the work load got a little tough,
I had friendships just come and go, but I graduated soon enough

This year I'm at a new school, I'm just trying to make it out in time,
There's been good days when there's no stress, and bad ones when the sun don't shine,
It's safe to say that my life is cool, I wouldn't trade it for a single dime,
And God has a plan for me, so I know that I'll be just fine

  • Author: dopeitscliff (Offline Offline)
  • Published: March 6th, 2017 09:19
  • Comment from author about the poem: Just reflecting on the many things that have changed my life for the better. Enjoy!
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  • willyweed

    Life is a journey cliff and now it seems you are ready to enjoy the ride God speed to you goodness finds the good. well done and promising piece I love where your going now! ww

    • dopeitscliff

      Thank you! I appreciate it.

    • calbreezy

      oooh this is great. enjoyed it all, wowowow

    • Goldfinch60

      Good positive write. Your life has just begun enjoy every moment, life is wonderful.

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