When I sit in the corner and think about your lies,
and fake love

all I do is break down and cry.
You knew you would end it,
Why keep the relationship?
You knew it would break your promise,

Why did you mind staying?
You knew you would have the balls to say goodbye

You told me you love me
Was it true ?

You told me you would never let go
So why did you?

All the pain gathers inside
And the moments we shared replay in my mind
Knowing that you killed me
Trying to stay strong like that no one sees the broken girl

With all your sweet lies
Did you think it was a game ?
To play with girls feelings
You thought I wouldn't care
But in the end you felt as though
I never tried
Deep down you hurt me
now I realize that I love you
And I just can't move on
Something about you helped me see you the wrong one
But my heart said you were the right one
but your fake love got me connected .
hope to be free from pain,
hope to be free from lies,
hope to be free from having tear in my eyes.
Without your love I finally see
That you took what you wanted and left
Now I sit down and think what've I done.


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