Two good reasons



 Endless nights

And desperate days

Nothing seems to break

This depressing haze


Of a life once cherished

But now broken to hell

 I can’t seem to escape

This imprisoning shell


Desolate and bear

My emotions are dead

Nothing inside

But this impending dread


  Lifeless and spent

Are my nerves and my will

I pray to you now

Don’t let this nightmare be real


Please give me a sign

Or a glimpse of your face

 To at least let me know

I still have a place


    Or offer me your hand

And I’ll use all my might

 To grasp it in mine

And hold on to it tight


 Renew my torn heart

And my wandering soul

Fill it with life

And a reason to grow old


I’ll trust in your kindness

And praise I will give

For giving me just

One reason to live





My sanity’s back

I can see clear again

 Not wanting to return

To that place I had been


It all was a lie

A fake and a sham

 It made me forget

All and who I am


I rejoice in my freedom

 And sing life’s sweet song

 For finding my way back

To the place I belong


You showed me the meaning

Of what life was meant for

You gave me my wings

So again I may soar


So straight to them I will fly

For inside I have won

In realizing the reason

Was two, not just one


 It was the love and the need

Of my two beloved sons



  • vvnrose

    So relatable and well said. Awaiting pt2.

    • notapoet

      Thank you for taking time to read and comment, much appreciated...

    • Tony36

      Awesome write

      • notapoet

        Thanks T.

        • Tony36


        • Goldfinch60

          Good write.

          • notapoet

            Thank you very much for the comment.

          • willyweed

            very nice piece NAP

            • notapoet

              Thanks WW, appreciate it very much.

            • WriteBeLight

              Very heartwrenching. Children are a gift that should not be caught up in their parents' difficulty. However, some people do that, unfortunately. Great and thought provoking write NAP.

              • notapoet

                Yes I agree, thanks for the comment WBL much appreciated.

              • Augustus

                Your heart was where it should be. I love that you thought of prayer as a refuge, a source of help. That is inspirational in and of itself. And the poem is sooo well written.

                • notapoet

                  Thank you Augustus for your kind words, means a lot.

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