My letter to you..


Just kinda laying here
Trying to fight back the tears..
Why couldn't you love me for me?
And not the person you wanted me to be?
When she first hit me what did you think?
Did anything in your head even click?
To be honest I'm done fighting this..
Can't go on feeling like shit👌🏻
I did what I did
What's done is done.
Can't go back in time,
Already committed the crime..
Am I just not supposed to have feelings?
Just sit there on the couch always staring at the T.V.
Can't go outside, can't go to my room, I can't do anything unless she wants me too.
I cry so much wondering why you can't love me.
Wishing I was this perfect child, bowing at your feet.
I always think I deserve this and that's no lie.
But I've run out of time.
It's done, hit the power button, game over.
I can't keep trying for someone who won't meet me half way.
What else do you need me to say?
Yes, I'm sorry. Sorry for not being perfect,
You know I've always thought I had a defect..
But it's okay, I'll be fine
Don't worry about me cause you ain't got time.
No matter what imma miss you
Cause unlike you I'm not so cruel
Maybe it's just time for me to say good-bye
And then I'll get my wings and I'll fly ✨

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