Even after death, I roam this godforsaken earth
Forever watching over people in silence
Even some people I've known since birth
Are forever causing violence
That's the reason I chose to leave
My parents always show they love me
By abusing me everyday I believe
There sickening ways stung like a bee
But still as a ghost, I'm forced to see them everyday
I have some unfinished business I know nothing about
And they still struggle to say
That they miss me but I doubt
They even do, they hated me after all
All they wanted me to do was just fall


  • Goldfinch60

    You may not like it, but I do.

  • Hypothesis

    In all actuality I sense this could be a suicidal route from what I gathered. I know certain obstacles are heightened to a great extent. Just remember do not let life overwhelm you because of their despair. God never forsaken you nor will he ever mislead you.

    You may be a ghost in they're eyes, but to us your the guidance to help others find the light each time we've closed our eyes.

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