The Weather


The weather, it just never cooperates.
Like now, as I sit
On this park bench,
I'm drenched.

I mourn while holding
A flower with a broken stem.
And the red of the petals
Blaze against the gray of the storm.

Most people go inside,
Away from the rain,
But I just sit and think.
For I've no place to go.

Thunder beats loudly
Echoing across the skies.
The weather became as my heart:
Cold, dark, gloomy, and broken.

The thunder yells,
And the lightning shrieks.
But I don't listen,
For I need the rain.

Oh, the rain, wet and heavy,
How it cleanses my soul.
And I'm hoping it'll wash
All my sorrow away.

And now, as I sit,
Drowning in rain and misery,
The clouds open up,
And a single sun beam peeks at me.

That single beam, warm and bright,
Shines upon my dark, lonely soul.
It tells me it'll be okay,
And there's still a ray of hope.

  • Author: Caden_Mercer10 (Offline Offline)
  • Published: March 16th, 2017 23:27
  • Category: Nature
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  • Goldfinch60

    Super write, those single rays of sunshine light up all our lives and show all is right.

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