Makeup is a sin

Why Lighter tone of skin complexion,
Do you wish to be your reflection,
standards in which we can't change,
Different is just weird and strange,
When the Essence of our soul is pure,
Made from the cleanest light of heaven it's just clear,
Yet we judge on what is on the surface,
We are here only to find our true purpose,
Beneath the skin you see is a complex creature,
But temptation is a seed part of human nature,
Now daily we're customizing our features,
As deceived our eyes are we become believers,
We are setting the bar to damn high,
You are lost to yourself no more just I,
Seen from space we are all the same,
You can't see it but it's just shame,
Makeup is just poison to the skin,
however much you put on Beaty is within,
We forget how to love ourself truly,
I know we have been corrupted by all this movies,
To see your true self how much will it cost,
I pick up the leaves and all the magic is lost,
Stay true to who you really are,
I promise you will shine even bright as a star.




  • Jason Vancelette (AKA Pharaoh33)

    Very true..Nicely written....

    • Somerica


      • Jason Vancelette (AKA Pharaoh33)

        No problem..Interested in hearing more from you...Don't hold back that talent....who cares if it offends...just let it you

      • Goldfinch60

        Beauty is within.
        Many, many years ago there was a colleague who always wore a lot of make up, one day she came into work without her makeup on and we barely recognised her.

      • Jooles

        Love this. It's true....I hand on heart don't wear make up in day to day life and this is seen as unusual and not the norm. It's quite sad

      • WriteBeLight

        I agree with your poem and comment. And, some women have to get up so early to put their FACE on. Sunshine and fresh air are the best thing as long as you protect your skin from too many of the harmful rays. Great job somerica!

      • whisperingquill

        So true mask upon mask upon deceit that lies within you nailed it remarkable write

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