To The Stars!

I hope the sky's not the limit, that'd be such a bore

I'm reaching for the stars, not looking for a snore

My head is in the clouds, but I try to aim far

I'll shoot for the moon, heading straight to the stars!


Hopes to be fulfilled, new dreams to be made

Hold out your arms to the sun, time to get out of the shade

Breath it in, take it all, the good, the bad, everything

Accept it for what it is for you never know what time may bring


At times clouds will pass and the rain will fall

Soak in each new experience, try to stand tall

Life's an unbalanced tower, shaky and unpredictable

Keep your ground, win the war even if you must lose the battle


It may seem impossible for a wet match to light

But if everything is on the line, it'll be one helluva fight

The sun will rise, even if now it may be night




Though sometimes I wonder if I'm right


  • Goldfinch60

    Yes you are right go ahead and reach for the stars.

    • poetboy5454

      Thanks Gold, I'm glad you enjoyed!

    • Jooles

      Lovely poem ☺

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