Sex life of writers

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Sex life of writers


Writers come too soon. . .

again and again.


Never ready

and always out of breath,

their words are hung

longer than their pencils

over the sheets.

They rise like beacons

of intense concentration

but are quickly extinguished

with a mere touch.


The slightest contact

or merge of intimacy

between leaded instrument

and soft white skin lying beneath

brings a sudden gush…

and it’s over.

A last gasp

and they’re drained,

left to feel selfishly inadequate

and impotent.


Yet, they come again

to repeat the folly

knowing that the loneliness

of their forbidden trysts,

the guilt and disloyalty

of abandonment,

and the many strings attached

to this stolen-in-the-night passion

will make them victims of the dawn;

when morning’s echo recalls

that this was. . . literally,

an act of egotistical need.


No, it’s more than a need,

almost an instinct,

like self-preservation.

They are driven

by emotions

that feed on their hunger,

their passion, to create.

Their humanity calls them

to subjugate the language

into a verbiage of hope

and  beauty.


Sometimes writers last long enough. . .

to realize their dream.


Then, in that moment of creation,

they are surprised

and breathless.

They have penned words

that penetrate,

that rise from the sheets

to touch another,

and culminate in a deep

shared satisfaction.

Some might call it


but I. . . . . . . . .

. . . . . am spent.


  • Damaged Soul

    I have no intimate worries at the moment and don't expect any. Just living is difficult enough. I have seen what you speak of yet if you do not follow there is no opinion. I have admired you work for some time now and it keeps getting better



  • rrodriguez

    Quite a write my friend... spent with creation and the computer...

  • Michael Edwards

    I both smiled at and admired this piece - so imaginative phil.

    • MendedFences27

      I read a quote once by a man named Tomita that said in part that "Art is a tryst, between the maker and the beholder" or something like that. That's what inspired me to write this. Glad you smiled.

    • Garry

      Certainly made me smile. Some excellent ideas and lovely phrases.

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