Greatness Unknown

Grass grows
So do trees
The river flows
To the seas.
Flowers bloom
Birds fly
Bombs go boom
And mothers cry.
Fish swim
Livestock graze
The light will dim
Wonders, they amaze.
Winds blow
And rain shall fall
Why?, I don't know
It soaks one and all.
Dogs bark
Cats meow
In light and dark
Tomorrow and now.
People they lie
For no reason
Not sure why
It's the same each season.
Deer meat is good
And so is rabbit
Try some; you should
Just go grab it.
Natures beauty is alive
It makes life worth living
To improve, we strive
And God is forgiving.
Music it plays
So open and listen
There are better days
Wait for what's missing.
We all sleep
Everyone dreams
Some light and some deep
That's how it seems.
The world turns
Life it moves on
Fire, it burns
Until all is gone.
Stars shine
In the night
Life is fine
But not always right.
Earthquakes shake
Volcanos erupt
Earth is awake
Mankind is corrupt.
The summer is hot
The winter cold
Free; we are not
Lies get told.
The sun will rise
Lighting the day
Owls are wise
That's what some say.
People are ignorant and dumb
Some more than others
Sisters and brothers are some
Even fathers and mothers.
Eyes are open
Vision is gone
Still we're hoping
For greatness unknown


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