Tareef Ahmed

Evil Life Never Leaves

Wherever the devil goes,
There is always terror.
Beneath the earth lies foes,
That wreak havoc wherever they go.

In the deep ravines ,
Lie monsters in disguise.
Without a trace of whom,
They burrow down below.

In the skies lies predators,
Of unbelievable force.
Invisible to the eyes ,
Destroys in despise .

Wherever the prey go,
The predator follows .
Up into the mountains,
Down into the mines .

Throughout life we sought,
A cure of all evil .
But we cannot control ourselves ,
And we become the evil.

We venture through life,
To see what we achieve .
But we stop as sharp as a knife,
And start to disbelieve.

The results are bad,
We decide to stop.
Have no faith in the world.
And hide beneath the bad.

We have no goal,
We go to sleep.
We decide to slumber,
We accept defeat .



    WELCOME TAREEF ~ Thanks for your first poem on a very interesting subject ! The Devil goes about seeking whom he may devour ! Never underestimate the Devil. Thanks GOD He is much more powerful than the Devil. In the end GOD will overcome the Devil and he will be cast into The Lake of Fire ~ AMEN. Before the Devil is finally destroyed he is a constant threat. We cannot defeat him in out own strength we need The Sword of the Spirit which is the SCRIPTURES ~ The Word of God" ~ AMEN. Please check my poems ~ Thanks BRIAN (UK)

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