The Power of A Single Word

Deep within me, I felt a hunger gnaw

My emotions stirring, as waves battered against my sides

The greatest weapon held inside my jaw

Letting them loose they strung together forming tides

Words like lightning during a storm

Full of passion and hopes they sparked nonuniformed

Using my fury, to my enemies I'd serve fear

Lashing out the truth, meanings so strong it would sear

The hopes and dreams of the broken and lost

Proved to me one thing, which I will defend without cost

The broken are not truly broken just free

It's this that terrifies our enemies, our individuality


Soak in this hunger, absorb it all

Words cannot be broken, they will stand tall

Brand your speech with a rage undefined 

Encompass the knowledge of torment, give sight to the blind

Invisible chains formed all around

Release them from your mind, never let silence be your sound

Scream at the top of your lungs, let your vocal cords feel the pain

Fight against the oppressors, for unlike the silenced, it makes you sane

Embrace the names they call you, the world will learn in time

The power of a single word, the power of a rhyme


Change is avoided by some, those who don't wish to learn or act

It is the duty of the sane to holler at injustices, I know this for a fact



  • Goldfinch60

    Good write, if only more people would shout at injustice in this world.

    • poetboy5454

      Thanks and you're right.

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