Ruth Fadairo

make a change.

As I sit and I ponder on my dreams and aspirations
My mind begins to wonder as I'm hit with revelations
On my procrastination,
My lack of motivation.


I take a pause. I hold my breath.


Yet I'm still sitting here, not moving a limb,
Thinking about how my thoughts have become ever so dim
More or less dull
Perhaps I should get up rather than sit here and sulk?


But then I begin to think about what my gift
The gift of writing
The way the words are guiding,
As the flow of these words travel from my brain to my fingers
I no longer have to feel as though my body must linger


Use your gift

Find your vocation
Once you search deep within

You'll find its location.


  • Goldfinch60

    We all have gifts and yours is obviously writing, keep putting those words on the page.

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