Salacious Touch

Is it wrong to feel your fingers run up and down my spine, making me shiver and smile.
How is it that I see you so clearly and feel you next to me but when i turn...you were just a part of my vivid imagination.
Oh how i dream, how i dream, how i paint you on the canvas of my eyelids while they're closed.
I can imagine your eloquent existence.
Strong shoulders I can depend on.
Curves and flaws that are pure perfection.
Every word leaking through luscious lips full of intelligence and grace.
Slim fingers slide through my hair.
Eyes full of seduction and love.
Curiosity curves their corners and tints her pupils dark.
Closer. Closer i want you next to me. Forfeiting to your body. Feeling strings tying our souls together in a knot, so intertwined it feels like every breath we take is in sync.
Heartbeats pounding chest to chest in an eternal embrace. Oh how can one describe a feeling so blissful? How when our lips touch it's like suffocating and rejuvenating at the same time. How my skin touches yours and i lose my bearings. Sensual whispers that make me only hear you.
Stares wanting me, loving me, enthralling me.
Hands gripping me so tightly like I'm yours.
I am yours.
When i reach for you... i crave for you and you're not there.
Explain to me why the demons parading through my brain make you so real...making you so damn real. Cognitive tricks that touch, kiss and leave lonely burns on my skin for torment.
Engrossing abilities that shake my core.
The finished painting on my eyelids ruined, saline smearing all of my strokes. Severed knots and a lone heartbeat...skipping. Palpitating rapidly and recklessly.
Blind hands gripping at empty air.
I want to paint you again behind my eyelids. Bring you back into existence everytime i close them.I want to sleep forever. 



    WELCOME HAYLEE ~ THANKS FOR YOUR FIRST POEM ! It is beautifully penned rippling with rhythm ~ as befits the sensuous subject. If we are honest (when our Lover is absent ~ or gone) we all share you experience of feeling and imagining that our Lover is hot and sensual by our side. Thanks for sharing ~ thinking of you BRIAN (UK). Please check my poems ~ Thanks B.

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