Letter To Self

Why do people hurt people that have a good heart?
If I could call you by your name,
You hurt me so much that words cannot explain the pain
Why do people hurt people that have a good heart?
Count the days you left me
Thinking you would be back
Why can't we go back in time?
To fix the mistakes and regrets I have
He taught me so much in life and I fell into the trap
Use me if I was nothing
I still stand and act like nothing happen
When I see you with someone else
The memories just flood back in
The walls seem to be broken down knowing he’s not with you
Always dreaming and him telling me he wants to have my kids but everything he said become a lie
Always trying to be happy with every lie every time he cheated
After all, that shit happen
I found my way out and now I see the stars as bright happiness place
I love myself the way I am
Loving myself it's like
The moon being happy with stars
I love the fact that my heart still pumps blood through my body
Just know I would always love you if you fall
Never let yourself down
Always wanna see the bright of your life
Even when the walls fall
I stand up and hurt other people



    Thanks MARIE for another very poignant poem. In my experience "Life is Cruel" and falling in (and out) of LOVE is one of its most painful aspects. I am pleased that the end of poem is more optimistic that the beginning ! Still thinking of you and praying for you Hugs ~ BRIAN ~ Please check my poems ~ Thanks BRIAN

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