Life As Mixed Child

Poetic Justice

I kinda have a problem that no one knows about;

I'm a mixed child inside and out.

My mama is white my daddy is black,

And I came out as a mixture of that.

This race has its perks but it also has downfalls.

I have questions that no one can answer at all...

Like how come I'm called names like "Zebra" and "Oreo"?

Or why am I called racist when I'm half of both?

Why do people hate me because of my parents love choices?

Or how come it's so confusing to pick the right cliques?

Am I suppose to love soul food or casserole?

Or a little of both?

What does my race have to do with my hip growth?

There's also a lot of stereotypes that I can definitely live with out;

Like, "Because your mom's white you'll have silk hair"

Or "Since your dad's mom is black you'll have hips to spare"

Will the madness ever end or will this be forever?

I'm not sure I can hold on much longer...

This world keeps getting wild. 

But hey, that's my life as a mixed child!

  • Author: Poetic Justice (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: April 6th, 2017 01:37
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  • Goldfinch60

    Each of us is an individual and if people do not understand who you are that is their problem, not yours. Enjoy your life as you. Good write.

  • Frank Prem

    Enjoyed this very much Rose. I found it a good read. Thank you.

  • Mello

    I feel like there is a idea we all support, like being white acomes with some ups and being black comes with some downs. But your different that good, they say having a mixed is actually good. But ignorance is always going to be around. Know that true beauty lies within. Good poem.

  • Fay Slimm.

    You are and will always be special dear Rose - your writing shows both talent and tolerance. All humans are from parental mixtures which means we inherit the gift of ourselves as a real individual. Keep writing with head held high.

  • orchidee

    A fine write. It sure is madness to be discriminated against due to the colour of one's skin. We may as well persecute marmalade if it was blue, or yellow, or whatever! doh!

  • P.H.Rose

    Rose this just brilliant
    I absolutely love it.
    I am a mixed child
    Also, my dad is
    White, my mother
    Is half Arab
    Had all the racist
    Remarks growing
    Up...the most stupid
    Thing anyone ever told
    Me was, what doesn't
    Kill you makes you stronger
    My answer was walk
    In my shoes for a day
    People can be hurtful,
    More often than not
    It's because they feel
    Inferior....all I can say
    Is Rose.. It gets easier
    As you get older...
    Ps. My grand daughters
    Middle name is Rose..

    • Poetic Justice

      I know how you feel and that is so cool!

    • valene

      People can be cruel, stupid, unfairly judgmental, etc... and it's unfortunate you've already had to face it. Having said that, my hope is your relationship with your folks is a close one, and you're able to talk about all the things you've mentioned here so they can help you get past the issues. Embrace who you are and don't allow anyone to make feel as though you have to apologize for you being you! Poetry is a great outlet for dealing with whatever this crazy world throws at can be very cathartic and I hope this piece was for you. One technical thing I'm curios the 13th line you start it with the word 'why' and I'm wondering if you meant 'what.' I think the line would read better, with changing out the word. It's a good, and thought provoking poem, Rose. Glad you shared it with us.

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