my eyes mirror what you hide
i see this so clear
we all have pride
some can not help to fear
all there is too
as fear can grow
past them, me, us, you
all those memories looking back seems so slow

I look in the mirror and what do I see ?
Every day I am getting older
Now I can see ~ my DAD looks back at me
Old image makes my blood run colder
My answer is not to have nips and tucks
I'll grow older and bolder with Grace !
Cosmetic surgery ~ gastric band ~ sucks
But I'll smash all my mirrors ~ so i don't see my FACE
Thanks for reading ~ please add your mirror poem !

I love watching my eyes in the mirror
It reveals the spirit and calibrates it clearer.
I go deep and deep into the darks holes,
I see beyond body – but being as a whole.
I smile and kiss myself in the mirror
It gives me great waves of energy and a feeling of a hero

there in the mirror
eyes full of sorrow
yesterday is gone
here comes tomorrow
youth wasted
on a young mans haste


  • LML

    I see my reflection and
    I'm not who I thought I'd be
    My yeasterdays are gone
    And their now just memories
    I see dark circles under my eyes
    I see my tears drip down, and mu husband
    Isn't there to hear my crys
    I see the life that left me when I
    Look in the mirror
    A reflection worth looking at
    Has now turned blurry And
    ~LML ~

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  • AlitaOpal

    Forgive me for missing out, I'll be ready for the next one when you are 😉

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