"Hell is scary"

Notice of absence from SadInterior

"most of the girls feelings are dead and gone, bags under her eyes represent a pillow for her depression to continue laying on
not wanting to get up. Her tears fall like rain every now and then, she loves and she hates, she's only human but no one understands so she jumps from a bridge and falls under the sand where she meets the only truthfull man she'll ever meet, the devil himself should she greet. She'll forget everything and everyone, because her hell will be just like wonderland. but they always told her hell is scary, but what if we create our own hell? and my hell seems like a get away from it all, from the pain, the torture and that stupid bathroom stall which she would sit in everyday and her body would storm just like it did the night when she looked in the mirror and realized she was nothing, realized she was just another human on the planet, realized she had nothing to live for and no one to fight for.

HELL domain of SATAN ~ never doubt it
EVERYONE who goes there will regret it
LONELY ~ agony ~ fire people hate it
LIVE a Godless life and you will get it !
OR YOU CAN ~ Trust in Christ as your Saviour
REDEEMER and Friend and be assured of a place in
HEAVEN ! This is where GOD and JESUS dwells
EVERYONE really wants to go to there ~ Room for
ALL ~ Who love GOD and have been SAVED ~ It's
VERY EASY ~ All you have to do ~ is believe
EVRYONE can be SAVED through "Faith in JESUS"
NOW ~ TODAY ~ You choose HELL or HEAVEN ? ? ?


  • NikitaPassmore

    Why can't we chose both? when were alive we go through hell when we die we go to heaven.

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