My Thoughts

Use the empty page to unleash the hate, depression and rage.

We belong to the world not the leader with his cage.

What if the leader only cares for himself and not others

turning you against your brothers, i wonder this deeply

while you wait for his approval sheeply.

What does it mean to be free? 

Does it mean there is no difference between you and me ?

But its funny if there's no difference why why do you get better treatment when 

you have more money.

But if we did not have a leader would there be justice for the cheater...the killer,

the thief, what about the people responsible for the damage of the oceans reef or 

the worlds pain and the worlds grief.

There is a maniac running the free country he won cause the

Russians we say it bluntly. They want a free world

this we trust we want to fix the worlds problems but 

we never fix us.



  • Tony36

    Well written and expressed Great write

    • Dakota

      thank you i appreciate that

      • Tony36


      • Goldfinch60

        Good write, one day we may get people who want live in peace.
        Welcome to MPS.

        • Dakota

          Tank you maybe one day.

        • chinaaliciarivera

          Your writing is interesting and i love the rhyming. Nice. Keep on writing. 💗💕 🌌 😊

          • Dakota

            That is very kind of you thank you so much.

          • Poetic Dan

            You tested the water and threw in a rock, the ripples will go on as much as you thought! We all need to fix our own houses before looking to help anyone else, it's like the 5th November has become a joke.

            But in this age of information are we not each the firework.... O think I'll be writing that one down lol.

            Much peace and respect
            Pen warriors are need!

            • Dakota

              For sure brotha

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