Likes control your life

Comments control your ego

Your hand controls the knife 

Your head just wants to let go

Messages destroy you

You fall for fake friends lies

They dont realise these things hurt you

Until again, another dies

You think you cant escape it,

the pain you have inside

You cover your skin that is slit

There is much more that you hide

The therapy does not help

Everythings your own thoughts

When they get involved you want to welp

and hide until your own body rots

They all say that they care

You watch everyone lie

They cant see that you easily tear

and all you want to do is die

You lie in your room all alone

Help me you say

No more messages on your phone

There depressed and hopeless you lay

You run baths at cold as ice

You feel your tears as hot as flames

There is a list of who was nice

There are not many names

The blade you holds as sharp as glass

You feel it stroke your thigh

A room filled with toxic gas

You're so scared to goodbye

Bravely and slowly letting go

You take a big step off the side

What caused this horrific sorrow?

A bitch that's known as suicide.


  • Tony36

    Well written and expressed great write


    WELCOME SARAH ~ Thanks for you an excellent first poem ~ but with a very scary message ~ SUICIDE. In 2014 there were 6100 suicides in the UK (4600 Men & 1500 Ladies) and on of the min causes was depression. Many of us can relate to the details in your poem ~ BUT ~ we have survived. When I count my blessings ~ I realise that i am much better off than many people in the World of my age. On 11th May you will be another year older and another year wiser ~ SO put you knife away 'til your BIRTHDAY and think again ! Thinking of you ~ Praying for you ~ BRIAN (UK) lease check my poems ~ Thanks B

    • sarahlouisegreenn

      thanks brian haha, i appreciate your message

    • Dakota

      real stuff i like that

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