Coffee and cigarettes

The smell is almost putrid and  overwhelming
The vile concoction of bitter caffeine and sweet tobacco.

The smell that follows me, coffee and cigarettes.
I can see the look of disgust in his eyes as he passes me.

When he leans in to kiss me, and back away from my breath
He’s disgusted by the choices I’ve made, the woman I am.

He just doesn’t understand How could such a man!
How could such a man understand the stench of burnt cigarettes?

These things I’ve mentioned run my life.
An artificial permanent high, on this, I find myself constantly relying.   

but these things, as vile as they seem, they keep me going.
Guiding me through my flurry called my life.

but he doesn’t understand!
how could such a man?!

He deals with his problems, and…and!
He holds is head so high

even when the night crawls in, he rarely gives a sigh.
Hell, I’ve never even seen the man cry.

Why can’t I?
Why can’t I be like this man?

God, I strive to be the man he is.
but how can I?

Being the woman I am.

Such a man could never…never…
understand the kind of woman I am.

And what kind of woman am I?!
I run away from my problems

and I hang my head down low.
Coffee and cigarettes, the only way to go!
I’m disgusted with my choices I’ve made

and that’s what he doesn’t know!
I just don’t understand

why can’t I be like that man.

Coffee and cigarettes
They run my whole damn life.

They keep me running from my strife.
How I wish I  could deal with my problems!

My issues nibbling at my brain, like goblins!
*pft* hold  my head high, How could I?

I have coffee and cigarettes that keep me going.
the blood in my veins, continuous, and flowing!

but my god, I’m disgusted with the woman I am
I will continue to strive to be that man

Coffee and cigarettes? Oh yes I can.  


  • willyweed

    I gave up smoking but this is still good work A-sunrise. ww

    • A-Sunrise

      Thank you ^~^ and I'm glad, I hope that decision serves you well in the long run.

    • Damaged Soul/Kindred Spirit

      Please dont. Coffee blows and cigarettes are not only dangerous, but they suck. I lost my with to cigs. Lung cancer is a horrid way tobdie, trust me. I do love the passion in your poem however

    • onepauly

      you are a great poet!

      • A-Sunrise

        Thank you so much :) That means a lot

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