I'm a river current.

Have you ever awoken in the night paralyzed by that sight in your dreams? 

So often I do only because of you,

The dreams inside of dreams inside of dreams?

So often I do only because of you,

I often feel like I'm flying not through the sky but through life and time,

So often I do only because of you,

Running, tripping, falling and falling with a never ending terror of anxiety,

I've moved through life, time, schools, houses, and friendships,

Tried to leave past events behind never really bothering me until now,

I've thought long and hard about why you make me angry, sad, and afraid,

Afraid to lose you but also not afraid to see you leave me,

My dreams become to vivid some nights,

I wake shaking and to the point of tears, 

I live with this and only few know,

But now you know,

I will push on and not be defeated by your ego that has raised so high,

Because I will not give in, 

I will live a full life and you will live as but a small pebble in the river of lost souls,

I am the strong current that passes you bye,

For I am stronger than you ever will be!




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