Angel Smileyface

Why dont they understand that.........

why dont they understand 

that its a little hard for her to trust

its a little hard for her to open up to people

she dosent trust anyone because every time she gets hurt

she gets hurt over the littlest things a mean word but dosent show 


why dont they understand

that the boy who killed himself 

that was their fault he couldnt take it anymore

why cant they get their heads out of their butts and pay attention

they should have been his friend not his enemy


why dont they understand 

that the chearleaders cuts on her legs

their because she wants to be loved for real

she dosent want sex she wants the dates the hugs 

that she dosent just want sex


why dont they understand

that we are all the same yeah

we look, smell, and talk diffrent

but we are not animals so stop acting like one.



  • WriteBeLight

    I agree with the last line in particular! Very good work.

    • Angel Smileyface

      Thank you. we have to write slam poetry for class so i thought i would practice and i dont post much so im trying to get better.


      Thanks for your POEM ANGEL ~ it contains a lot of good advice especially for JOCKS whose brains are in their trousers. Like all MEN I like ladies ~ and the trouble you all take to look good ~ scent and taste nice and I know you like to be hugged and talk and laugh and dance and enjoy life. I am a Gentleman and I never assume a Lady will want sex and if she says no I respect that ~ to me the delight of her company is much more important than intercourse. Some MEN just want to come and go and miss out on the other 99% every lady (in my experience) has to offer. You also mention verbal abuse etc and that is just as damaging as physical & sexual abuse. Thanks for reminding us to be GENTLEMEN ~ sometimes I'm ashamed to be a MAN ~ Gentle Hugs ~ BRIAN

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