Our Fateful First Kiss


Moments ago I was nineteen years old.
That 35 years have passed makes no difference to me. 
I feel his touch, our lust, his act so bold.
That moment in time changed my destiny. 

He crawled inside me with an ease none have found.
Taking away my ability to love another man. 
One moment and to him I was forever bound.
A beautiful little girl minus a wedding band.

I raised her alone as he spent years in a cell.
My heart doing time with him I tried to love again. 
That kiss so complete created my personal hell.
Without an ending I'd nowhere to begin. 

If only I could go back, become unkissed.
Without it I might not have my little girl.
I shutter at what I would have missed. 
Her big blue eyes, red hair with just a hint of curl. 

Unkissed would relieve me of his unrequited love.
Unkissed creating a whole new life for me. 
Unkissed beginning with a painful shove. 
Unkissed is a fantasy... as it should be. 

December 3, 2014.  © Becky Jo Gibson, All rights reserved


  • BeckyJo

    For sure...

  • LML

    Great aditude👏🏻

  • Garry

    lovely. Well written, vivid images


    Thanks for sharing BECKY JO ~ STRAIGHT FROM YOUR BEAUTIFUL HEART. In my experience too ~ it only takes ONE KISS ~ but sometimes (as the Song says and your Poem verifies) "One Kiss ~ or One Waltz ~ can last for ever !". Yours BRIAN (UK) Please check my poems & Fusions ~ Thanks B

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