I'm Insane..

Notice of absence from SadInterior

I sit in that corner, in my room so dark, so lonley.

I laugh...scratch at my knees, connect the dots of the paint splats

Moving my fingers against my legs

My mind, my demons speaking all at once..

I whisper..I drool

"I'm insane..."I'm insane

I stand up...stiff, my head smile larger than Jeff's

I hold a knife in my left hand. He's there, right there by my wall

"please stop your scaring me"

He cries, I laugh.

I take the knife to my wrists, nod, smile, laugh, drool.

I slice and slice and slice and slice until my god damn hand goes numb

Mmmm, feels good. I continue...and continue...and continue to feel the pain...the pleasure.

I wont stop...until I'm dead
Besides...aha You rather..have me kill myself...

then see what I could do...with a knife...not against my skin...but against someone elses




  • SorrowfullyHappy

    its never too late to find the light again
    its bad for the skin to be alone in the dark for so long
    try to find happiness in someone or something

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