i give up

I guess I'm here again

I thought I was all okay

I still have all that pain

It just won't go away


They say it's best for you

But they don't understand

I was chucked and I flew

But I just want to land


It'll get you a better job they say

And the course is right for me

How did you get where you are today

You haven't been to university


I want to just give up

I just want to leave

I have been setup

When I think it makes me heave


I don't think uni is right

I want to finally be happy

I guess I have to fight

Maybe that's the key


I want to make you proud

And this seems to be the way

But I'm just one in the crowd

My life seems so gray


I just want to be with her

Then I can be happy and complete

I'll love her forever

But I'm just a deadbeat


I should have given up before

But I thought life would improve

But I'm here again crying in the floor

And my parents would disapprove


She's the only thing keeping me here

But she'll be miles and miles away

Losing her is my biggest fear

7 hour journey just for one day


I'm just so drained

I'm really trying


  • swingline

    You are depending on her to make your world instead of you making a world she can depend on . Lots of billionaires never went to college . But education gets you places you want to go .

  • salexandra15

    keep writing

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