End of an Era


People and places come to a close
But it comes to a close for a reason
Whatever happened together
No one lost or won
We just be
It doesn't matter who was right or wrong
What they did
They just be
How much you suffered
It happened for a reason
Maybe it's for a reason
Maybe it was always going to happen
So just let it be
The promises, the lies, and the consequences
I can't deny that they were there
But it ended, and that's all that matters
So just be.

BRITAIN joined the EEC in 1973
RESPONSIBLE Member Imports ~ Exports
EMMIGRATION into Europe and from Europe
XPERTS moving from UK to Europe and vice~versa
I DIDN'T vote to leave ~ because overall in the 21st C ~ I
THOUGHT We were better IN than OUT ~ NOW ITS TOO LATE

Ancient generations vanish, decades transform centuries
Industrial revolutions evolve, millennia infuse memories
Treachery impales descendants, ancestors bequeath legacies
Hereditary disorders mutate, genes decimate forsaken prosperity
Modifications interchange cellular structure, debilitating deoxyribonucleic acid
Exchanging vital organs converts cyborg, androids eradicate oblivious masses

I told you dear
Don't get caught in the past
For the future is where you last
A legacy of gold and bloody sacrifice
Vanished with burried graves and outdated graphics
Zues and Ra long forgotten
Our own idols soon not to name again

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