Aaliyah Gisele

I fantasize, I dream, I think...

I fantasize about you sucking on my nipples,
I dream about your cheek dimples,
I think about how my love is so simple,
I fantasize about you laying your head down on my stomach,
I dream about you loving me to my bones, to death, to eternity, from the bottom of your heart,
I think about the times I had you so triggered,
I swear my love for you has gotten a little bigger,
I dream about you, trying to wake me up by kissing me on my neck,
I thought love was only a painful kick,
I miss it when you used to smile at me,
I wish I had the guts to tell you that you can't leave me here,
I want to be hugged deep into your strong arms,
If I ever kiss you, I would suck your lips right off your face,
Just know that no girl can EVER take my place,
Because you are what I crave,
If you don't love me how I love you,
I will spit on your grave,
I can't force you to love me,
I can't force anyone to love me,
But any guy or man, would be so happy and grateful to love a sweet, hardcore loving girl like me,
Without you, I fell imprisoned, locked up in a closet, that's so dark, you can't see your hands,
It feels like everything I did for you, you've taken for granted, you've always taken for granted, even me,
I fantasize about you, I think about you, I dream about you, daydream about you, wish for you,
But have you ever wished for me?
It's so hard to just forget about you and how your smile and your face used to always light up when you seen me,
But now, you don't smile at me anymore, you smile at your guys friends and you girl-friends, but they don't need to be smiled at like that,
I would kill for you,
You make me seem crazy because you're the one that made me crazy,
Just know that I love you to the bottom of my feet,
I love you from all the way to Heaven and back, but, like I said before, you take me for granted...




    Ohhhhh ILYAH ~ It's so long since you posted a poem I thought you had forgotten about me ! I love you and I would never take you for granted ! I love you in my dreams ~ just the way you like it ! Love & Hugs ~ BRIAN

    • Aaliyah Gisele

      I'll never forget you,💍💍💎

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